Ruth Warburton

Ruth Warburton

Ruth Warburton grew up on the south coast of England in Lewes; a small town with a long history. After leaving Lewes she studied English at the University of Manchester, and there developed a fascination with Old English and Middle English texts.

While researching A WITCH IN WINTER she found herself returning to them, in particular BEOWULF and LE MORTE D'ARTHUR, and seeds from these mixed with ancient Mesopotamian demons, Voodoo spells, Tudor superstitions and 15th century witch-hunting guides, to create the Winter Trilogy.

Ruth is now a publicist for adult fiction at Random House and lives in North London.



  • Best known titles

  • Witch Finder: Book 1
  • The Winter Trilogy: A Witch in Winter: Book 1
  • The Winter Trilogy: A Witch in Love: Book 2
  • The Winter Trilogy: A Witch Alone: Book 3
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