Harriet Goodwin

Harriet Goodwin

Harriet Goodwin read medieval English at Oxford University before training as a professional singer at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. She sang and toured with a number of internationally acclaimed ensembles before the birth of her four children, but now concentrates on oratorio and recitals.
Just after the birth of her fourth child, she had a vivid dream about a boy who fell through the surface of the Earth into the Underworld and so her debut novel, The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43, was born. Harriet wrote the book in secret, snatching hours whenever she could, and telling no one, not even her husband, until it was finished.
Her work was duly rewarded when she was chosen as one of the twelve winners of Childrens Books Writers and Illustrators UKs first Undiscovered Voices writing competition, bringing her to the attention of agent Sarah Davies.
Harriet lives in a remote village in Staffordshire, England, with her family.



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