Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell

Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell

PAUL STEWART was born and grew up in London before graduating at Lancaster University, after which he attended the University of East Anglia's creative writing course. For several years he taught English as a foreign language in Sri Lanka. Returning to England, he became a primary school teacher before giving up to write full time. He now lives in Brighton with his wife, a primary school teacher, and their two children.

CHRIS RIDDELL and his family moved to Britain from Cape Town when he was a year old and moved extensively. Despite there being no strong artistic influences in the family, Chris displayed talent from an early age and was fed with art materials by his mother.

Chris did a year's foundation course at Epsom College of Art and then went to Brighton Polytechnic from 1981-1984, where he was fortunate enough to have Raymond Briggs as his tutor. He now lives in Brighton with his wife, illustrator, painter and print-maker Joanne Burroughes whom he met at Brighton Poly. They have three children.

Stewart and Riddell have been collaborating since early 2000 and their series have included The Edge Chronicles, Barnaby Grime, Far-Flung Adventures, Muddle Earth and Wyrmeweald.


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