Anita Generi

Anita Generi

Anita Ganeri was born in Calcutta, India, but attended both primary and secondary school in England. Anita has had more than 100 books published and has spent many years working for publishers both as an editor and as a foreign rights manager.

Anita lives in West Yorkshire with her husband, cat and three dogs. She loves playing tennis, watching Eastenders, and finishing her work on time!

Anita writes the award winning Horrible Geography series - geography with the gritty bits left in! This series began in 1999. The first three Horrible Geography titles won the 1999 Silver Award from the Geographical Association.

She has been made a Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society where she carries out a great deal of research for her books.

Judith Mansell, Education Officer RGS - IBG, said, "The collections of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) were used to research some of the details in the book Raging Rivers. It is stimulating to see them used in such an inspirational way. Geography has never been such fun before."

Odious Oceans looks at life beneath the waves including shipwrecks and poisonous fish. Violent Volcanoes introduces the fiery world of volcanoes and geysers. Desperate Deserts tells you how to survive in the desert, including what to eat and drink - such as cactus and camel pee!

Earth-Shattering Earthquakes contains tonnes of ground-breaking information on earthquakes, including how rats and snakes predict tremors and the river that was sent backwards by an earthquake.

Wild Islands tells us where to find coconuts with magical powers, how to crack the case of the missing island and read the remarkable story of a real-life Robinson Crusoe. The latest title, Monster Lakes, explains how lakes form, from volcanoes to glaciers and follows in the paths of lake explorers on the hunt for monsters like Nessie!


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