Karen McCombie

Karen McCombie

Best-selling author Karen McCombie was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, where the view from her bedroom was of the steely North Sea, dotted with oil rigs. But memories of childhood holidays spent in the fir and heather-covered Highlands are what's lodged in her DNA, and these helped inform her latest novel, Little Bird.

Karen is a full-time writer but before that she worked for several teen magazines such as Just Seventeen, Bliss and Sugar in a variety roles - everything from Fashion Editor to Features Editor!

She has had more that 80 books published, with more than a million sold worldwide. She lives in London with her very Scottish husband Tom, English daughter Milly (who's been taught to say 'loch' in the correct way) and a Scottish Wildcat (well, near enough).



  • Best known titles

  • Little Bird Flies
  • The Whispers of Wilderwood Hall
  • The Pearl in the Attic
  • The Girl Who Wasn't There
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