Dick King-Smith

Dick King-Smith

Animals have played an important part in Dick King-Smith's life, ever since the days when he was a farmer in Gloucestershire. He gave up farming at the age of forty-five and later became a primary school teacher in a village school for a number of years.

Dick made his debut as a children's writer in 1978 with the publication of The Fox-Busters and since then he has been writing prolifically. Some fifty titles later, Dick is now a best-selling full-time author and his work has received many awards, including him being voted Children's Author of the Year at the British Book Awards in 1992. He was also awarded the Children's Book Award in l995 for Harriet's Hare and the Smarties Prize Bronze Medal l997 for All Because of Jackson.

In l995, Dick King-Smith's top-selling title The Sheep-Pig was developed into a box-office movie, BABE, introducing hundreds of thousands of youngsters to his work.

Dick King-Smith lives in a 17th century cottage near Bristol. He has two daughters, one son and ten grandchildren.

Look out for the latest book, Hairy Hezekiah, published in August 2005. It is about a very hairy camel that escapes from a zoo and embarks on a hair-raising adventure!

The Catlady was published in paperback at the same time and is about a very eccentric old lady who shares her house with lots and lots of cats. But there is something special about these cats they were once people she knew, now reincarnated in feline form!


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