24th May 12


Author Helen Moss has given ReadingZone the second Adventure Island clue, part of the Operation Diamond online treasure hunt! Read her blog to find the answer - and see where the next clue will be hidden!

Once you have collected all the clues, you will be able to find the name of the culprit.

You can send in your answer, and find the other websites with clues, via the Adventure Island website, below.

The lucky winner will star in the next Adventure Island book!

The competition ends on Monday 23rd July.

Author Helen Moss writes:

"I have to let you in a secret. I'm not sure I really believe in ghosts. Maybe if I actually met a ghost I'd be convinced. But before I became a writer I used to be a scientist and, as you know, scientists like to have proof before they'll believe in something.

So you might think it's a bit strange that the second Adventure Island book is all about a ghost! But the thing is, even though I'm not sure that ghosts really exist, I love ghost stories, especially ones about haunted buildings.

Whenever I visit an old building I always want to know whether there are any resident ghosts; the stories tell you so much about the people who lived there in the past.

Living in Cambridgeshire, I'm spoilt for choice. There are famous ghosts (the head of Oliver Cromwell is said to appear in one of the university colleges) sad ghosts, like the phantom bride of Madingley Hall, old ghosts, new ghosts and just plain weird ghosts.

For example, some have reported the ghost of a large penguin waddling along Newmarket Road in Cambridge. Others say it's the ghost of a 'plague doctor' from the Middle Ages.

They wore long black cloaks and beak-like masks containing herbs that they thought would protect them against disease. I think I'd rather see the penguin, wouldn't you?

There's even a midnight ghost in Cambridge. Two, in fact! There's a story that the huge stone lions that guard the steps of the Fitzwilliam Museum come alive on the stroke of midnight and drink from the gutters nearby.

There are no ghost-lions in The Mystery of the Midnight Ghost, but if you look carefully at the book cover, you'll see that those lions do make a special guest appearance!

The ghost in The Mystery of the Midnight Ghost haunts an attic room in Pendragon Manor.

The Manor was built in Tudor times, during the reign of Henry Eighth (three million super-brain points if you knew that's between 1509 and 1547).

But the story of the Midnight Ghost dates from a few years later. Legend has it that Sarah Goodwell, a housekeeper at the Manor, was hanged for witchcraft in 1586, and that she still haunts her old room.

When a famous film star goes missing while filming at the Manor, Scott, Jack, Emily and Drift soon find themselves venturing into the haunted room after midnight to investigate.

Do they see the ghost? You'll have to read the book to find out, but let's just say, that Jack has since admitted it was the scariest moment in his entire life!

Spookily enough, although I can remember where the ideas for the other Adventure Island mysteries came from, I have no memory of thinking up the midnight ghost.

I just woke up one morning and the idea of Sarah Goodwell was in my head. Could I have picked up a spirit message from a real ghost who wanted me to tell her story? Surely not! I don't believe in ghosts, remember.

How about you? Is there a legend about a haunted building near where you live? Or maybe you've even seen a ghost yourself?"


Question 2: How many midnight ghosts does Cambridge reportedly have?

Two (R)
One (N)

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