When a dog saves the world...
24th Jan 19

When a dog saves the world...

Look out for trips to the future, a mad scientist and lots of dogs - with one very special one who just might be able to save the world! - in this new novel from Ross Welford.

THE DOG WHO SAVED THE WORLD follows Georgie and her best friend Ramzy after they accidentally befriend an scientist. What the children don't realise is that this is the start of an adventure that will include time travel, enormous scorpions - and saving the world.

THE DOG WHO SAVED THE WORLD is a story about friendship, families and finding courage. It's also about Mr Mash, a smelly mongrel who will eat just about anything - and who does, as the title states, help to save the world.

We asked author ROSS WELFORD to tell us more:

Q: What inspired you to write The Dog Who Saved the World?

A: There was not a single 'inspiration' or 'starting point': it all just kind of grew together. I knew I wanted to do something with a dog, and something where the stakes were really high. 'Saving the world' is about as vital a mission as you can get, so I added a dog to that, and the idea started to grow.

Q: How did your key canine character, Mr Mash, develop?

A: I knew I didn't want him to be a thoroughbred, and I thought that a dog that ate anything and stank was funny, so I tried that out. But I also knew that at least some of his characteristics should be relevant to the plot, and that wasn't always easy. And although cats are OK, I much prefer dogs. (My own dog Jess has asked me to point out that she is not a mongrel and does not smell!)

Q: You often include time travel in your stories - in The Dog Who Saved the World, you have a virtual reality machine that can help characters step into the future. Why do you enjoy using time travel in your stories?

A: I guess I'm just fascinated by the possibilities for adventure: it's automatically dangerous, for a start! It's also a bit magical, without actually being magic.

Q: We love Dr Pretorius, the 'mad scientist' in the story, how did she develop?

A: I knew I wanted to do a full-on Mad Scientist, and I ended up loving Dr Emilia Pretorius! I tried to make her as different as I could: she's a very old black woman for a start. But - reassuringly - she cackles crazily and has an american accent which I think suits her. Fun fact: She is named after the scientist in an ancient Bride Of Frankenstein movie.

Q: When and where would you go to if you could step into the future?

A: I don't think I'd dare: it might be too disappointing!

Q: What are you writing now?

A: I'm working on my next book. So far, I can tell you that it is called Book Five and involves an alien crocodile. The title probably needs a little work...

Q: What is your favourite escape from writing?

A: Someone - I don't know who - said that writers are always either writing or thinking about writing. So there's no real time off. That said, I'm writing this on holiday with my family, and I did another chapter of my new book yesterday so why would I want to escape? I have no boss, no office and I spend my days making stuff up. It's a HUGE privilege, for which I am thankful every day!

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