'Little Rebels' award winner
12th Jul 19

'Little Rebels' award winner

Author Catherine Johnson has won the 2019 Little Rebels Award for Radical Fiction for her novel, Freedom, which follows a young enslaved boy after he is brought to England.

Freedom (published by Scholastic) tells the story of Nat, a young boy enslaved on a Jamaican plantation, brought over to England in the late eighteenth century. Hopeful that, once on UK soil, he will finally be free from bondage, Nat instead witnesses the pivotal role Britain played in building the slavery industry.

The Little Rebels award helps to shine a light on books for children that celebrate or promote social justice and equality.

As well as being a great adventure story that explores a dark chapter of slavery, Emily Drabble, head of children's books promotion and prizes at BookTrust, said that the story also serves to remind us of "real life people who should be more famous than they are, including former slave turned author and abolitionist Olaudah Equiano and Shadrack Furman, the first black army Pensioner."

The other shortlisted authors for 2019 were Bridget Blankley for The Ghosts & Jamal (HopeRoad Publishing); Anne Booth for Across the Divide (Catnip Publishing); Emily Haworth-Booth for The King Who Banned the Dark (Pavilion Books); Nadine Kaadan for Tomorrow (Lantana Publishing); and Sarah McIntyre for The New Neighbours (David Fickling Books).

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