Pizza delivery with a twist!
14th Apr 20

Pizza delivery with a twist!

When pizza delivery boy Colin Kingsley is invited to join a detective agency run by children, he finds himself in Rome hot on the heels of an art thief. This is a great adventure story with danger, twists - and pizzas!

Author WILLIAM GOLDSMITH tells us more about his new children's book, MARK ANCHOVY: PIZZA DETECTIVE!

Q: You already create comics for adults, but why did you want to write this adventure for children?

A: There were child characters in my comics, and I wondered what it would be like for them to have their own story.

I also started reading more children's books around that time and wanted to try a different way of working.

Q: What were your favourite comic characters as a child, and did you create your own?

A: I liked Tintin a lot.

I was always making up my own characters, yes. I remember I drew an inventor called 'Crazy Clogs'.

Q: What, in one sentence, is Mark Anchovy about?

A: A pizza delivery boy joins an elite agency of child-detectives, then busts an art-thief in Rome while on a school trip.

Q: What gave you the initial idea for Mark Anchovy?

A: I wanted to create a child character who had some odd-job that meant travelling to different people's houses. I like detectives because they are observers, like writers in a way. I also moved opposite a pizzeria, and got the idea of a delivery boy-detective.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about The GSL and its team, who Mark ends up working for?

A: The G.S.L. stands for the Golden Spatula League. They're an agency of detectives who work in catering jobs. The boss is called Master Key, a suave sushi chef who can get into anywhere.

There's also Princess Skewer, who can drive a mini-submarine and generally gets stuff done. She's Colin's mentor (Mark Anchovy is just his codename).

Then there's Camillo, an inventor, Yelena and Yaconda, the impressionist twins, and Justin, an annoying apprentice.

Q: What's with all the pizzas - and anchovies?

A: It is a bit pizza-heavy, you're right...

Q: You take the action via a school trip to Rome - was that because of the pizzas, or have you travelled there yourself?

A: It was because I went on a school trip there when I was a kid and was very inspired. I remember seeing the Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica. We were very lucky to go.

Q: We love the gadgets in the story - submarines, workshops in icecream cones, exploding things. Which would you take home if you could?

A: Probably a pizza watch. I don't think I could be trusted with a can of exploding olives, I might drop them.

Q: Lots of great villains too, who was your favourite to create and can you tell us a bit about them?

A: My favourite is the history teacher Mr Hogstein. He talks very loudly, in CAPITAL LETTERS, and is always telling Colin off. But he means well.

Q: Why did you decide to illustrate the book, and who did you enjoy illustrating the most?

A: I'm an illustrator and control-freak so it was probably inevitable. I probably draw Colin the most.

Q: What next for Mark Anchovy and the GSL crew?

A: They are heading to Russia to find a stolen jewelled egg-cup.

Q: Where's your favourite place to write - and your favourite writing snack?

A: I like writing in big grand libraries, or trains, or sometimes the bath. Any sweet pastry is a good writing snack. But not in the bath

A: What are you most likely to be doing to relax when you're not writing; does it involve food - maybe pizza?

A: Probably playing football with my friends, and not thinking about anything at all.

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