Monkey Nuts!
11th Oct 10

Monkey Nuts!

The Etherington Brothers write and draw comics for a living - aren't they the lucky ones! - and they've dropped by to tell us what it's like. We have three copies of Monkey Nuts plus two other fantastic graphic novels to give away!!

Competition details

To be entered into the draw to win three fabulous graphic novels from DFC, email 'Monkey Nuts' to

with your name and age (remember to check with your parents first!)

The competition closes on 31st October. Winners will be notified.

Now - for the fun bit!

An Interview with the
Etherington Brothers!

Or.... when Robin met Lorenzo, they both sat down, Robin had a coffee, Lorenzo ate some sticky buns and they chatted away like a couple of loonies!

ROBIN: Hello, Mr Etherington!
LORENZO: Hello, Mr Etherington to you to!

R: As you spend twenty five hours a day drawing monkeys, robots and robot monkeys based on stories I've plucked from my head like ticks from a gorilla's back, I thought it might be a good idea if we got to know each other.

L: You mean the last 30 years being BROTHERS counts for nothing???

R: Er, not nothing exactly ... but there are some questions I've simply never got around to asking. I've been too busy adventuring, exploring the world and banishing evil masterminds.

L: Haha! Is that what you call playing on the playstation, watching cartoons and reading comics?

R: Ahem. Question 1: when was the last time you found something really funny and what was it?

L: About five seconds ago when you pretended to be an adventurer.

R: Okay, well before that.

L: Watching you dance at my wedding.

R: Be serious!

L: Hang on - serious or funny? You can't have both.
R: I'll reword this ... what was the last great joke you heard?

L: 'Where did Napoleon keep his armies?'

R: Is this a history question or a joke?

L: 'Up his SLEEVIES!' Haha.

R: I'm pretty sure he kept his armies in France...

L: Next question!

R: Question 2: following on from question 1, what's your favourite funny moment from our book, Monkey Nuts?

L: Oooooooh - tough one. I like the bit where Sid and Rivet fall out of the Muckybutt Temple's bottom!

And I like it when Rivet gets his upgrades - his robot slinky idea is just silly!

R: Hey, that was MY idea - I wrote it!

L: Well, then you're silly.

R: Fair point. Question 3: what do you like best about drawing comics?

L: Serious answer - it's the most amazing thing in the entire world! I get to conjure up wild, original worlds and fill them with crazy characters and incredible action.

R: Er, and the not-so-serious answer?

L: It's better than WORKING for a living!

R: That is very true. Wait a second ... what's this ... oh, my, it's the QUICKFIRE round!

Here come a whole bunch of questions in rapid succession. If you fail to answer them you'll be dropping into a vat of lava and boiled till all that's left are your teeth and a slight smell of cabbage!

L: Is that what you were building earlier? I wondered why I was sitting on top of a trap door.

R: Question 4: Which do you prefer, Chocolate or Cheese?

L: Chocolate of course! You can't buy bags of cheese in the cinema!

R: Question 5: What comic or cartoon character would you be if you had the choice?

L: Jessica Rabbit.

R: Don't you mean ROGER Rabbit?

L: Oh, er, right. Yes, him then.

R: Question 6: Glass half empty or half full?

L: Why can't I have a completely full glass?

R: No, I mean, are you a positive person or a negative person? Do you always see the bright side or life or just the bad stuff?

L: Definitely the bright side ... and it doesn't get much brighter than comics!

R: Question 7: How long does it take you to draw and colour a single page?

L: About two days - and how long does it take YOU to write one?

R: About three minutes.

L: Tell you what, next time, YOU draw and I'LL write.

R: Um, no, thank you. Question 8: What's your favourite comic book?

L: Calvin and Hobbes. I just love that darned Tiger and his pet boy.

R: Question 9 ... nearly there! Do you have lots of new stories to share with the Reading Zone readers and kids all over the world?

L: Yes we do! Lots and lots! In fact, there will be three more amazing books arriving next year!

R: And finally, Question 10: Will there be more Monkey Nuts adventures?

R: Phew! We made it. That wasn't so hard. I could be a professional interviewer.

L: Instead of a children's book and comic author?

R: Do I have to choose one or the other?

L: Well, yes - that's what you've been making me do with all these questions.

R: Okay ... I choose action-packed, laughter-filled mayhem and excitement forever.

L: Reading Zone Interviewer it is then!

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