Night Forever

Night Forever
Ali Sparkes

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780192749994
Published: 23/04/2020
Price: £6.99


1.34 a.m. It's always 1.34 a.m. Every night without fail, at 1.34 a.m. on the dot, Elena, Matt, and Tima wake up. Except, something's changed. The beam that gave them the ability to communicate telepathically with animals has started to come through early. And that's because the Earth is slowing down. Just one second's delay is causing freak tidal waves, forest fires, chaos in the skies. And it's only getting worse. Do Elena, Matt, and Tima have the power to get the Earth back on track? Or could this mean the end of everything? Find out in the gripping finale to this electrifying series.

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