Warrior Boy
Virginia Clay


London schoolboy Ben is visiting his father's homeland of Kenya. Ben thinks he won't fit in with his estranged Maasai cousins but when he arrives, he finds there is a lot more at stake than his pride...

In a thrilling adventure of tribal culture and elephant conservation, Ben embarks on a journey of self-understanding and friendship.

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Olivia H, 9
I thought that Warrior Boy was a gripping, thrilling, moving and adventurous story. I could not put the book down and I can truly say it is my favourite book of all time. It was particularly gripping and moving because I used to live in Kenya - add to that my little brother is called Kip as well. It also helps children my age to understand what people need to do to help elephants and other endangered animals to survive. I can't recommend it enough. It is an amazing book.
Elizabeth Harris, 9
Warrior boy is powerful, moving and addictive. London teenager Ben accompanies his mother, a documentary film-maker, on a trip to Kenya. She is filming a documentary about elephant poaching and Ben travels with her to meet his Kenyan family for the first time. He is anxious that he won't be able to overcome his fears or live up to the memory of his father, a great Maasai warrior. Ben feels relieved when his cousin, Kip, seems to share some of his challenges and they strike up a close relationship whilst tackling challenges set by their grandfather to prove they are the next generation of Maasai warriors.

This is a powerful story that deals with many important issues: loss, identity, belonging, anxiety and friendship. The description of the Maasai Mara's stunning landscape will transport you there and make you desperate to visit!

It sensitively deals with the issue of elephant poaching and the very real problem that our world's great animals face. This book has endless potential in the classroom and for families to share; raising awareness of important issues for further discussion. This book will stay with you. Recommended.

256 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Elizabeth Harris, teacher.
Edith H, 9
This is the first book that I have ever properly enjoyed reading. I loved the way that Ben had many challenges to become a warrior and prove himself to his grandfather. It made me want to keep reading to see whether he would be able to do it.

Having lived in Kenya all my life, I thought that it was amazing how Virginia described places that I have actually been. They felt very real. I hope that she will write more books as I will definitely read them if she does.
Rebecca Narracott, 9
Warrior Boy, Virginia Clay's debut novel for young readers, was a delight from start to finish. Following the journey of schoolboy Ben from London to the wilds of the Masai Mara in Kenya, he reconnects with his warrior father's side of the family and, in doing so, comes away from his journey a stronger, more self-assured version of himself.

Filled with plenty of nail-biting moments (think: coming face to face with elephant poachers, death threats and gun battles), this novel expresses a deep love for Kenya, its people and its threatened wildlife. A must-read for children and adults of all ages.
Oliver G,
Having lived in Kenya for many years, this book for me brought back so many memories of experiences, sights, sounds and smells that I enjoyed as a younger boy. I loved the descriptions of the landscapes as they made me think of home and the character was so brave.

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