The dog who saved the world

This book is about a girl called Gorgie and her beloved dog (Mr Mash) saving the the world from the dog plague without even leaving the room. They do this by using an amazing invention created by a scientist.

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Catherine, 10, 10
I liked this book because tons of happy and sad events occur. the plot is good and interesting. It's a wonderful book and I absolutely loved it.
Catherine, 10
I liked this amazing book because there were tons of adventures! It was quit a sad story but happy in the end and almost made me cry! There are lots of surprises on the way. I loooovve the book.
Jacqueline Harris, 9
When 11-year-old Georgie and her best friend Ramzy meet a slightly mad and eccentric scientist, their world is about to change dramatically. Georgie's beloved dog Mr Mash gets sick, along with vast numbers of other dogs throughout the world. Could it be that this is only the start of something much, much worse? The stakes are higher than Georgie could possibly have imagined.

The thing about Ross Welford books (Time Travelling with a Hamster, The 1,000 Year old boy and What Not to do if you Turn Invisible) is that they are utterly original. (I had trouble classifying on here!) You simply won't have read anything like this book before, as dog lovers come face to face with an end of world scenario. The imagination in the story is second only to the pace and excitement, as this book is unputdownable.

As with all Ross Welford's books, it is the ordinary coupled with the completely believable fantasy that make the story so compelling. It almost seems as if it could be true, such are the elements of story telling woven together. I read the book, almost in one sitting, on the edge of my seat, the story was so vividly brought to life.

My 11-year-old could not wait to get his hands on this book - he was the one who first introduced me to the author. I can see this being a very popular choice for upper key stage 2 children, especially with a tagline like 'He smells. He'll eat anything and he's humanity's only hope' (It is talking about the dog of course!) This book seems destined for more awards and praise for the author; very well deserved. This is very much a book and an author that goes top of the list to be read for pleasure.

416 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Jacqueline Harris, teacher consultant.

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