What's Next?
Timothy Knapman


A sweet, suspenseful story of a baby badger and his dad with rich, atmospheric illustrations from Jane McGuinness. Curious Baby Badger loves exploring. He is eager to see, and know, more of the world beyond his den. So, one night, his daddy takes him on a moonlit adventure through the still, black-and-white forest up above their underground home. And that sets Baby Badger's imagination soaring. What's daytime like? he wonders. What's next? A tender father and son story of adventure, discovery and the comforting pull of home, paired with rich, evocative illustrations from Jane McGuinness.

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Elena Byrne, 3
This is a gorgeous picture book that plays with children's unwavering interest in 'what comes next', as well as exploring how the world looks so different during the day compared with night time, and which creatures inhabit each of those worlds.

When Baby Badger is big enough, Daddy badger takes him to the surface to discover the world above ground, showing him the softest moss to roll in, where to find bluebell bulbs and the perfect place to see the moon and the stars.

But when he realises that 'day' comes next after night, the little badger decides he has to see it - and in doing so discovers a 'whole different forest' bursting with colour and life. But since he has raced off to explore on his own, when he gets tired, there is no one around to answer 'what's next?' - until Daddy Badger emerges at his side and brings the little badger back to the burrow, and bed.

I loved the careful illustrations, and the pages where the little badger discovers daytime really burst out in glorious colour, after the monotones of night time.

This is a reassuring and gentle text and the desire to discover what is next, together with the beautiful illustrations by Jane McGuiness, will have children demanding to turn the next page.

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Elena Byrne

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