Space Race
Ben Hubbard


Download the free app to bring space exploration to life like no other book. See the Apollo 11 lunar module, the ISS Space Station and the Curiosity Mars rover in close-up 3D, and watch the book come to life when video clips of NASA footage play 'on the page' when viewed through your smartphone or tablet. This richly illustrated, immersive experience tells the awe-inspiring story of space exploration, looking back in time to the first satellites that were sent into orbit and forward to future missions to Mars. Photographic features highlight key spacecraft such as Vostock 1, the International Space Station, the Space Shuttle and the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Megan GN, 11
This books is about how and why we first went into space. It is an immersive experience telling the awe-inspiring story of space exploration to date, it looks both back and forwards. This book is accompanied by an app allowing the reading to explore videos, diagrams and 3D models through augmented reality.

This is a brilliant book and exactly what I was looking for. It's jam packed with facts and dates and stunning graphic art as well as wonderful pictures.

The book is truly amazing, I absolutely loved it.

It was set out over 6 chapters: The Race for Rockets, Humans in Space, The Moon in View, Space Stations and Shuttles, Probing Planets and Into the Future.

Each page is filled with such detail, sometimes it's hard to know what to take in first but I just started at the top left hand corner and worked my way down and around. I found the photographs just as fascinating as the information, it was a real view of the past.

I found the diagrams and graphic artwork stunning- they really add to the book. The book is brilliant on its own but what interested me was the augmented reality ability, which allowed me to watch videos and see 3D models- this element was amazing, I really loved this interactive element of the book. Perfect for the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing!!

Great for those interested in space, how we go to space and those interested in seeing how augmented reality works.

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