An Unlikely Spy
Terry Deary


Thrilling historical adventure from Terry Deary, the 'outstanding children's non-fiction author of the 20th century' (Books For Keeps) This brand new, exciting adventure from bestselling Horrible Histories author Terry Deary brings the Second World War to life. Perfect for fans of Michael Morpurgo and John Boyne. World War II has begun. Brigit has been evacuated to Wales from her home near the aeroplane factories of Coventry. But when it's revealed that her father is German, Brigit runs away to join her mother in a very special training camp, where Churchill is building a secret army of spies and saboteurs known as the Special Operations Executive. Brigit and her mother soon find themselves on the front line in Nazi-occupied France, where they search for double agents and meet with danger at every turn in their efforts to support the French resistance. But no-one will suspect Brigit is a spy, will they? After all, who would suspect a child? Featuring characters from The Silver Hand, this page-turning adventure sheds new light on the Second World War and will have readers gripped from start to finish.

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Lynsey Southern, 9
An Unlikely Spy is the sequel to Terry Deary's First World War adventure, The Silver Hand. Not having read the first book, I was concerned that this would spoil An Unlikely Spy; it didn't! the book works well as a stand alone novel.

The story starts in 1939, just before the start of WWII. Here we meet young Brigit Furst, a student at Castle Bromwich school. Brigit is half German and half French and is subject to bullying, xenophobic attacks and name calling ( even by her teachers); the fear and hatred toward anyone with any German blood is very apparent.

After war breaks out and Brigit's dad is arrested due to his ethnicity, Brigit and all of her classmates are evacuated to Wales and Brigit's mum Aimee is revealed to be a WWI hero and spy! Aimee is recruited by Winston Churchill's Special Operations Executive to sabotage the Germans in France and Brigit, running away from persecution in her Welsh refuge, joins her mum in a top secret mission...

I loved this book; Brigit is an intelligent, funny, sarcastic and resourceful protagonist. Whilst set against the back drop of World War II, this book is a fast paced adventure story. Its cleverly written in that it gets an awful lot of facts and information to the reader without, in any way, becoming a history lecture and without losing any of its excitement.

I would definitely use this book as a companion novel whilst teaching History. I'd recommend it for Year 5 and up.

320 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Lynsey Southern, teacher
Kristen Hopwood, 9
An Unlikely Spy is fast-paced, full of intrigue and has plenty of twists and turns. The story begins in England in 1939, just before the start of WWII. Brigit's father is German and her mother is French, meaning that life isn't always straight forward for them. Brigit proves herself more than capable of standing up for herself though and isn't afraid to speak her mind.

When the start of WWII is announced, Brigit is told she is to be evacuated to Wales. Her father is arrested on account of his nationality and her mother is recruited by a secret army. Brigit longs to join the secret army with her mother, but is told she must go to Wales. When her host learns that her father is German, however, Brigit runs away to join the secret army with her mother.

Brigit is witty, intelligent and an important part of the secret army when they go to France to support the local resistance.

An Unlikely Spy is perfect for a WWII topic: it includes lots of factual information with a gripping, entertaining story to accompany them. It would make a fantastic class read or could also be used for guided reading sessions.

320 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Kristen Hopwood, teacher

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