Rabbit Races Ahead
Lydia Monks


Rabbit Races Ahead! is a wonderfully warm story about empathy and kindness, perfect for preschool readers. It's Sports Day at Twit Twoo School and all of the children are very excited. But no one is more excited than Rabbit. She's decided that she is going to win every race, and has been practising very hard. But as Rabbit wins medal after medal, she seems to be losing friend after friend. Perhaps they are getting tired of her boasting. And now there is just one big race to go. Will Rabbit keep her eyes on the prize, or might there still be time for her to learn that being kind can feel every bit as good as winning? Join Rabbit, Frog, Mouse, Mole, Owl and their teacher, Miss Hoot, at their fun-filled treetop school. With a cast of adorable animal characters and bright, bold, distinctive illustrations from the award-winning Lydia Monks, illustrator of the bestselling What the Ladybird Heard series, the Twit Twoo School series is sure to delight young children. Twit Twoo School: warm and witty stories, perfect for every preschooler. Share more exciting school adventures in Mouse's Big Day and Frog Hops Off!

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Kyle Matravers, 3
Lydia Monks, author of the famous and ever popular What the Ladybird Heard story, has created a charming story in Rabbit Races Ahead. This is the latest in the new 'Twit Twoo School' series which is aimed at preschool children. All the stories are themed around a key message which is delivered in a way which the children can understand and relate to.

This story's message is one of friendship and empathy. It is school sports day and all the children are very excited, none more so than rabbit. He runs faster, jumps higher and skips longer than any of his friends. However, rabbit soon realises that part of being a winner is to win with the respect of everyone else. As the story progresses, we see rabbit begin to learn that being kind to friends can feel just as good as coming in first place.

I really feel this series would be a great addition to EYFS settings as it would allow discussions to form about issues such as helping others and understanding feelings. I will be sharing it with my EYFS colleagues in the new school year. I look forward to seeing what else is to come in the Twit Twoo School series.

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Kyle Matravers, teacher
Lizi Backhouse, 3
Another lovely book from Lydia Monks, Rabbit Races Ahead is part of a series of stories about animals at Twit Twoo school.

In this story, it's sports day and Rabbit is determined to win everything. The day arrives and as Rabbit wins medal after medal, the other animals become sad and don't want to be friends with Rabbit. However, after a quick chat with his teacher who reminds rabbit to think about the others' feelings, Rabbit rethinks how to approach the last event - the long distance race.

This story is great for reminding children to remember other people's feelings and would be a good read before a school sports day, to encourage good sportsmanship.

The pictures are engaging and I enjoy that this story is simple enough for younger children to follow, but it still has a good story arc and enough happening that it is engaging and easy to talk about.

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Lizi Backhouse, teacher
Katrina Smith, 3
The children in my class wrote: "I liked this book and my favourite part was when Rabbit was really kind to all of the other animals in a race to help them win. I learnt that you don't have to win everything for people to like you"; "I like the book because at first Rabbit was mean but at the end of the book he was kind. My favourite part was when Rabbit stopped being mean and was kind and it's my favourite part because it's good to be kind"; I've learnt not to boast and to feel good for other people. I like the book because it's about feeling good for other people. My favourite part was when Rabbit lets Mole win."

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Katrina Smith, teacher

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