Rory Branagan the Leap of Death
Andrew Clover


Meet RORY BRANAGAN - he eats bad guys for breakfast. Well, not ACTUALLY. But he IS the best detective in town. Fifth in a hilarious comedy-crime series for readers of 8+. Hello. I am Rory Branagan. I am actually a detective. Me and Cat are at the most AWESOME event ever - Car Bonanza, where people are doing epic car stunts, jumping out of planes and breaking world records. It is amazing. But then one of the stunts goes TERRIBLY WRONG. But was it really an accident, or did someone meddle with the car?! It's a good job me and the Cat are here, because this is a CRIME, and it needs to be solved... There are seven books in the RORY BRANAGAN (DETECTIVE) series and this is the fifth.

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Sarah Lynham, 9
Rory Branagan is back in his 5th detective adventure. With plenty of humour and lots of fast paced drama, this book is sure to have readers giggling on the edge of their seats.

Rory, Cat and Wilkins return to solve another detective mystery, this time it is at the Car Bonanza stunt festival. Rory is still wondering about his Dad's disappearance and is desperate for clues. So, when he sees a poster listing Branagan Stunts as one of the main acts at the Car Bonanza, Rory knows he has to go. Thankfully, Mrs Welkins doesn't take much persuading, and she drives Rory and other children to the Car Bonanza in her camper van. When they arrive, Rory spots his Uncle Kenny who is about to perform a new world record. But as they watch all is not quite as it seems and they have to hunt out clues about what is going on. In the process of hunting for clues Rory, Cat and Wilkins find themselves in some rather tight spots and end up participating in more than one of the dangerous stunts. As ever Cat keeps her cool and thinks her way out of their dilemmas; she still maintains she's a better detective.

The large, clear print and short bursts of text on each page combined with plenty of pictures makes this an easy read for those new to 'free reads'. Children who have enjoyed the likes of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and similar will appreciate the humour and style of this series. My only concerns would be the thickness of the book which may deter readers who are capable of accessing and enjoying the contents; as a teacher, I will need to encourage a few of my reluctant boys to look past this. That said if you can get them past the 'thickness', it would be a great starter for those put off by longer novels as the content is accessible and the short bursts of text on each page should mean the pages turn quickly. Most of the book is either black text on a white page background or white text on black background, although some have black text on a grey background which I know would hinder a couple of my pupils with dyslexia.

That said, being the 5th book in the series and with a 6th title already announced, this could well be the next series to grip our young reluctant readers.

320 pages / Ages 8+ / Reviewed by Sarah Lynham, teacher

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