Boy Giant
Michael Morpurgo


A stunning new story of hope, humanity and high-seas adventure for children and adults everywhere from Sir Michael Morpurgo, the nation's favourite storyteller and multi-million copy bestselling author of WAR HORSE. "We were the truth of our own story. Me, and the two tiny people on my shoulder, in the middle of the sea..." War has forced Omar and his mother to leave their home in Afghanistan and venture across the sea to Europe. When their boat sinks, and Omar finds himself alone, with no hope of rescue, it seems as if his story has come to an end. But it is only just beginning. Because in the end, a little hope makes a big difference... A thrilling adventure inspired by the classic story of Gulliver's Travels, this is also a gripping modern narrative of rescue and refuge, from a writer at the height of his powers. A book about breaking down walls, at a time when many are trying to build them. And a timeless reminder of humanity's infinite capacity for good... even when those humans are very small indeed.

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james h, 7
Love it. It's such a great book. I recommend War Horse by Michael Morpurgo
Hayley Summerfield,
Boy Giant is the new novel from the beloved children's author, Michael Morpurgo. This beautiful story entwines the plight of a refugee and the well-loved tale of Gulliver's Travels together to produce an emotional, captivating story. From the onset of this book I was taken on the journey of war through a child's eyes. Although the context was sometimes troubling, it was also thought provoking.

In this story, Michael Morpurgo alerts us to the reality of the world in which we live in, and the ever-pressing political conflicts that have led to the refugee crisis. Through his story, the main character, Omar, allows us to follow his journey as a refugee when his homeland (Afghanistan) is invaded and war breaks out. After the loss of some many friends and family members, Omar and his mother make that heart-wrenching decision to leave the refugee camp and seek family in England. After a long journey, Omar and his mother finally reach the sea and Omar is then once again faced with another cause for anguish; he must go alone in the over-filled rubber boat to England to find Uncle Said because they cannot afford for both to travel.

Once out in the sea, alone, cold and hungry, Omar faces death as the boat overturns and he is thrown into the turbulent waves of the storm. With fate on his side, he miraculously ends up being wash upon the shore of Lilliput, like Gulliver 300 years before. Gran Baruta and Tapit welcome Omar with love and affection and he is quickly established into their homeland like family, learning their language and teaching them cricket. However, all is not quite what it seems in Lilliput and Omar's destiny is to repeat history, like Gulliver, and help to reunite the Island of Blufescu and Lilliput after a tyrant emperor's reign has left the islanders of Blufescu enslaved, poor and living in fear. Omar - Son of Gulliver - is needed to help them find peace.

Throughout this book Michael Morpurgo sings about how a little hope makes a big difference and how kindness and understanding can overcome anger and destruction. This book beautifully illustrates parts of global citizenship and elements of British Values through the teaching of democracy, tolerance and respect covered in the new curriculum. Although this is aimed at Lower Key Stage 2, it would be a perfect story time book to allow thought provoking debates in upper Key Stage 2. I would thoroughly recommend this book as it helps to highlight the reality of war in a fable style setting.

288 pages /Ages 8+/ Reviewed by Hayley Summerfield, teacher
Aiden B, 9
I really liked it, but it's just got too much like boring talk - I mean I would like to read on it's just that the scene's being described too much.

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