Vega Jane
David Baldacci


Full of monsters, magic, danger and mystery, Vega Jane and the Secrets of Sorcery is the first title in the thrilling fantasy adventure series by bestselling master storyteller David Baldacci. Illustrated throughout by Tomislav Tomic. Vega Jane is fourteen when she is secretly given a map that reveals a mysterious world and dangerous creatures beyond the walls of Wormwood, a place no one has ever left - or wanted to. Until now. The map makes her question everything she has ever been told about the place she calls home. Her friend Delph and her dog, Harry Two, are the only ones Vega trusts. Trapped by secrets and lies, they want freedom and truth. But she will have to fight for freedom. And the truth may cost Vega her life. Continue the adventure series with Vega Jane and the Maze of Monsters. Vega Jane and the Secrets of Sorcery was previously published as The Finisher and has been edited for younger readers and re-illustrated throughout.

Your reviews

Ashin, 10
Vega Jane and The Secrets of Sorcery is a fantastic book, which includes cliff hangers, tension and loads of other amazing stuff, I am very happy to have read this amazing book and am looking to read the sequel. I rate this book 5 stars. I would definitely read this book again.
George, 10
Vega Jane was a rip-roaring adventure of danger, bloody guts and friendship. This is a story not for the faint-hearted as there are people dying and horrible things happening!

Vega Jane is determined to find out the secrets of Wormwood and maybe the leaders of it themselves. The book is full of emotional events like when we find out what happened to Vega's previous canine. Delph is a very simple teenage boy who lives with his dad - Def - on the outskirts of Wormwood. Morrigone is the most mysterious of them all and Vega Jane might know why! Will you read it to find out?!
Laila W, 11
This book is about a girl named Vega Jane who lives in a town called Wormwood. But this town is surrounded by a quag, filled with mysterious and death defying monsters.

What I liked about this book was that it was very mysterious and it had lots of little clues leading up to one big thing. It also caught my attention because it was very gory and I can't really find any other books like this so that why this book is so amazing.
Annanya J, 10
This book is about an adventurous 14 session (year) old girl called Vega Jane, who is intrigued to know the truth about Wormwood (the place where she lives) and her own family history.

I like this book because it makes me want to keep turning the pages and read more and more to unravel the secrets and mysteries of Wormwood and its Wugmorts (residents). For this reason, it keeps me on my toes, and lets me drift away into another world. The beasts add more life threatening scenarios to the story.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys adventure, mystery and the unfolding of secrets.
Marley G, 11
This is about a girl who finds the truth about her secretive little town.

This book carries a tale of adventure, friendship, loyalty and magic beyond wug (human) comprehension. It's an amazing story and I can't wait to see what happens next.
Keetan H, 10
The book was involved around 'wug's who didn't know the true secrets about their little town. However, one wug slowly uncovers the truth about their little home town.

I liked how they left the chapter with a feeling in your mind thinking, what's next? What's going to happen?

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