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Everybunny Count! Everybunny Count!
Ellie Sandall

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
ISBN: 9781444933840
Published: 02/27/2018
Price: £6.99

Book of the Week
A follow-up from Everybunny Dance, this is a fun and lively counting picture book from Hodder Children's Books that brings together the Hide and Seek game with counting to ten. I can hear children joining in with the engaging rhyming verse - 'Take your places, everyone. Ready or not, here we come!' This would work well being shared with groups of children and one-to-one.

A delightfully exuberant counting story with bunnies galore! Did you know that bunnies love to play hide-and-seek? Count from one to ten with these cheerful bunnies and one not-so-scary fox! Fox and bunnies like to play, all together, every day. Playing hide-and-seek today... everybunny count! Praise for Follow Me: 'Lyrically written, Follow Me has a mesmeric quality that leaves you wanting to enjoy multiple consecutive readings. A real gem.' - Huffington Post Follow Ellie on Twitter at @elliesandall

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