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Knights of the Borrowed Dark (Knights of the Borrowed Dark Book 1) Knights of the Borrowed Dark (Knights of the Borrowed Dark Book 1)
Dave Rudden

Publisher: Puffin
ISBN: 9780141356600
Published: 04/07/2016
Price: £6.99

The first book in a new series about an orphan boy who discovers he is part of a secret army that protects the world from a race of shadowy monsters. Grey placed his finger in the middle of the shadow. 'What's this?' he asked. Denizen frowned. 'It's a shadow.' 'No, it isn't,' Grey said. 'It's a door.' Denizen Hardwick doesn't believe in magic - until he's ambushed by a monster created from shadows and sees it destroyed by a word made of sunlight. That kind of thing can really change your perspective. Now Denizen is about to discover that there's a world beyond the one he knows. A world of living darkness where an unseen enemy awaits. Fortunately for humanity, between us and the shadows stand the Knights of the Borrowed Dark. Unfortunately for Denizen, he's one of them . . .

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An orphanage perched on a wild and windy hillside is the only home that Denizen Hardwick can remember. Life is bleak and difficult, but the gloom is alleviated by Simon, their friendship forged through 'furtive book trades at night, an inquisitive nature in common and a shared dislike of sports'. Out of the blue, around the time of his thirteenth birthday, Denizen's previously unheard of Aunt sends for him, despatching a car and driver to bring him to the city. The journey, however, is complicated by an encounter with something in the dark and Denizen receives his first introduction into the lives and battles of the Knights of the Borrowed Dark - a band of brave and fearless fighters against the forces of evil known as the Tenebrous. Though marked out from birth as potential knights, each one does have a choice; to take up the challenge and pay the price, or to walk away from the battle. This is the choice Denizen is faced with as he learns about his family and the enemy that confronts the human race. So, a story about good and evil, heroes and monsters, magic and duty? Yes, all of those things, but also the story of a young boy taken out of the (admittedly not very pleasant) environment that he has known all his life and dropped into a world that he cannot understand, his only defence being his sense of humour and his curiosity. Readers of Derek Landy and Rick Riordan will instantly feel a bond with the world that Dave Rudden has created and enjoy that mix of horror, magic and humour that can produce a foe like The Clockwork Three. 368 pages / Ages 10+ / Reviewed by June Hughes, school librarian.
June Hughes

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