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Unstoppable Max Unstoppable Max
Julia Patton

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780192744104
Published: 01/20/2016
Price: £6.99

Max is a four-year-old whirlwind who doesn't have an off switch! His socks are odd, his bedroom is chaotic, and his mind is so full of imaginative schemes that following even the simplest of instructions can end in mayhem. Max's bedtime routine, so seemingly simple, becomes a military operation for Max with many obstacles to overcome - tidying his bedroom, putting on his pyjamas, and feeding his pet goldfish! Illustrated with non-stop energy by exciting new author/illustrator, Julia Patton.

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I really enjoyed Unstoppable Max. Is this really an insight into our children's thought patterns when we send them up to get ready for bed??? The story is about a little boy, Max, who has a huge amount of energy. But when he is given three tasks to do at bedtime - tidy his toys, put on clean pyjamas and feed the goldfish - it doesn't go smoothly and Max has to stop and think carefully about how to put things right. I loved the imagination of Max in the story and all the adventures he wanted to have. I also like the fact that Max thought about doing something naughty but alway chooses the right thing in the end. I think this story would be lovely to use as a circle time book in class and with slightly older children, they might like to write their own stories in a similar style to this one about following instructions in school! I loved Max's thinking cap - I think I will be making one of these for my class of Y1s and use it as a self managing strategy. Picture book / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by Marie Berry, teacher.
Marie Berry

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