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Broken Sky Broken Sky
L. A. Weatherly

Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781409572022
Published: 02/22/2016
Price: £8.99

Welcome to a 'perfect' world. Where war is illegal, where harmony rules. And where your date of birth marks your destiny. But nothing is perfect. And in a world this broken, who can Amity trust? From the bestselling author of the Angel trilogy comes Broken Sky - an exhilarating epic set in a daring and distorted echo of 1940s America and first in a new trilogy.

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After The Final War had devastated much of the world a neutral organization, World for Peace, was set up to resolve conflicts by Peacefights, Tier 1,2 or 3. All other weapons are forbidden and countries send their pilots, one on one, to fight at designated places. Amity Vancour is a Tier 2 pilot in the Western Seaboard, whose late father fought before her. Kay, an unbelieving astrologer, lives in the Central States which was split from the Western Seaboard after Senator John Gunnison announced the 'stars' had shown him the way. People there live under a regime of fear ruled by Astrology and where Discordants are sent to correction camps never to be seen again. With chapters flicking between the two countries it soon becomes clear to them both that some Peacefights are rigged, by Gunnison, to ensure that he gains power where necessary for his ultimate plan. Worse than that the corruption goes deeper than either of them thought possible. Meanwhile Amity is reunited with her childhood friend, Collie, who has reappeared after escaping from the Central States and is now also a Peacefighter. Without giving too much away I did guess part of the plot which others may not see coming but this did not spoil the book at all. It is a compelling read with lots of exciting action but can at times be confusing and I had to re-read several parts to ensure I understood how the new world had been set up. I usually prefer standalone books and was wary before reading as the blurb states it is the first book, however, there is so much to this new world and its corruption that I can see why its a trilogy. Who can Amity really trust? I can't wait for the next book to see where the author will take us. Recommended for 12+
Lorraine Ansell

Broken Sky is set an alternate 1940s and definitely has a futuristic feel to it. The concept and protagonist were intriguing and the book had many twists and turns throughout. Broken Sky is different from the usual array of Dystopian fiction out there, it certainly captivates its audience, leaving them wanting more. I did find the cliff hanger at the end somewhat frustrating, I'll just have to read the next book in the trilogy!
Clare Humphreys

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