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Claude Going for Gold! Claude Going for Gold!
Alex T. Smith

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
ISBN: 9781444926484
Published: 03/08/2016
Price: £8.99

Claude, the bestselling beret-clad canine hero, is aiming for the gold medal - winner of the 5-9 fiction Sainsburys Children's Book Award and soon to be a TV star on Disney Junior. When Claude and Sir Bobblysock discover a Very Exciting Sports Competition at their local sports centre, they are very excited. They are even more excited when they are asked to take part. But Claude's doggy paddle isn't quite fast enough, and he's not quite as good at gymnastics as he thought he might be. Then some robbers steal the Gold Cup and Claude chases them - can he run fast enough to catch them? Claude was selected for the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize, the Richard and Judy Book Club and is soon to be a TV star on Disney Junior with 52 episodes airing in 2017. Claude Going for Gold! is the winner of the 5-9 fiction Sainsburys Children's Book Award. Alex T. Smith was the World Book Day Illustrator 2014. Enjoy further Claude adventures: Claude in the City, Claude on Holiday, Claude at the Circus, Claude in the Country, Claude in the Spotlight, Claude on the Slopes, Claude Lights! Camera! Action!, Claude Going for Gold, Claude All at Sea, Claude Doodle Book Praise for Claude: '...illustrated with humour and elegance...' The Times Follow the author at and

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I very much enjoy the 'Claude' books, and purchased a set of them for my class bookshelf a few years back.. they're rarely all there so they must be enjoyed by my class too! This story follows Claude as he competes in a 'Stonking Big Sports Day' after tripping over his laces and landing in a parade! It's got all the usual humourous parts of a Claude book, the hilariously named characters (including, of course, Claude's best friend Sir Bobblysock), big blunders and a pair of baddies who try to steal the trophy! It's an easy to read story although not the most linear. However, it really is action packed and this makes it entertaining to read. Alex T Smith's illustrations really bring the story alive. They're dynamically detailed and support the story wonderfully. This is a great story for reluctant readers - none of the pages have a vast amount of text on, but it still feels like a 'prope'; story book... it's one I can imagine the children in my class sharing enthusiastically and attempting to copy the drawings from. 96 pages / Ages 7+ / Reviewed by Lizi Coombs, teacher.
Lizi Coombs

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