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Halloween giveaway!

18th Oct 18

Want to meet the world's worst vampire...? We're thrilled to be giving away three sets of the Vlad the World's Worst Vampire books by Anna Wilson for Halloween, thanks to publisher Stripes Publishing!

Vlad is the youngest member of the Impaler family, the bravest vampires that ever lived. But Vlad isn't very brave at all. He's even a little bit scared of the dark...

All Vlad wants is some friends and he thinks he knows just where to find them... Human school!

Find out what happens next in the three Vlad books now available; Vlad the World's Worst Vampire, Fangtastic Friends and Midnight Fright!

Ask an adult to email your details to ReadingZone -
OR enter via the link, below.

Happy Halloweening!

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