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Football School Giveaway!

18th Oct 18

We're celebrating the new Football School book with a special giveaway - three sets of the amazing Football School series! Plus we've got some terrific Top Ten Facts about football from the authors to share.

Get in touch to let us know why you'd like to have the books. Either email or comment, below.

Subject: Football

The competition will close on 31 October and winners will be notified.

The Football School books uses football facts to delve into a range of subjects from maths and physics to history and geography.

Here are ten top Football School facts to give you a taster of what the series is all about:


1 Vomitory is the word used by architects to describe a corridor that leads into the main arena of a football stadium. This is because the movement of people through it all at once in one direction at the end of a game is just like the movement of vomit out a body.

2 The most popular animal used as a mascot for a football team is the eagle.

3 You have a higher chance of becoming a professional footballer if you are the youngest child in a family, rather than if you are the eldest, or a middle child.

4 Footballers eat a main meal exactly three hours before a match to make sure their bowels are ready for the game.

5 The Brazilian football commentator who invented the phrase GOOOOOOOOOOAL only did so because he was too short-sighted to see who the goal-scorer was, and the extra few seconds gave him time to check with colleagues who it was.

6 The FIFA standard for a professional football requires that a ball must keep its shape to within 1.5 per cent once it has been fired 2,000 times against a steel plate at 50km an hour

7 The Dutch word brilstand, meaning glasses stand, means a nil-nil draw, since 0-0 looks like a pair of specs.

8 Money usually changes hands when players are signed, but in 1927 one player was bought for two freezers of ice cream and in 2002 a player was exchanged for his bodyweight in prawns.

9 Sheffield was home to many of the most important innovations in football in the mid 19th century it is where the first club was founded, and where throw-ins, corner kicks, headers and floodlights first made an appearance in the game. At the time, Sheffield was the world centre of steel production and a centre of industrial innovation.

10 The white pigment in white pitch markings and in all other white industrial products comes from the chemical titanium dioxide, which usually comes from mines in Australia, South Africa, Canada and Mozambique.

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