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STORMHOUND competition

3rd Mar 19

We loved your entries for our Stormhound competition, when we asked for your ideas for what would be your favourite pet magical pet. Here are the winners!

You came up with loads of great ideas - from invisible dragons to cats that could talk and flying unicorns, and a lot of you wanted magical pets that could talk to you.

But these were our favourite ideas and the winners - we will be sending a copy of STORMHOUND to each of you!

- 'a tiny dinosaur who can blend in like a chameleon'

- 'A talking monkey who could take me to see his friends in the jungle and tell me what they are saying'

- 'A dog that turnd into a dinosaur to protect children from bullies at school'

We wish we could have some of these magical pets with us in the ReadingZone Reading Room too!

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