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The Demon Headmaster returns...

19th Oct 19

A whole new generation of children will get to meet the Demon Headmaster in a new television series now airing on CBBC and BBC i-Player, and you can watch children interviewing author Gillian Cross - prior to the new television series - via the links, below.

The series, which is based on the books by Gillian Cross, first came to television in the 1990s. The latest episodes are based on new The Demon Headmaster books by the author.

In this story, the headmaster returns as the 'Super Head' of an academy school called Hazelbrook Academy. When siblings Lizzie and Tyler return to their formerly run-down school after six months away, they discover that everything has changed, with even the worst pupils eager to follow the rules. Is the new headmaster to blame?

You can watch a ReadingZone Live event with Demon Headmaster author Gillian Cross, where children asked her questions about her writing, reading and The Demon Headmaster books. She also mentions the original television series and how wonderful it would be to have a new series of the books!

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