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BBC's Noughts & Crosses launches

24th Feb 20

The BBC's adaptation of Malorie Blackman's novel Noughts and Crosses will start to air on Thursday 5th March on BBC1, with all episodes available to stream on BBC iPlayer after that date.

The book is set in an alternate world where whites and blacks are segregated - you can watch the official trailer, below.

The story follows Sephy who is a member of the ruling black class, the 'Crosses'. Her childhood friend Callum is a 'Nought', a member of the white underclass who were once slaves to the Crosses. As rebellion grows on the streets, Sephy and Callum fall in love, putting them both in danger.

Malorie Blackman said she was "beyond thrilled" that Noughts and Crosses will be dramatised by the BBC. "It couldn't have found a better home. Callum and Sephy seem to have meant a lot to readers over the years and I'm excited at the prospect of watching them on my TV!"

Charlotte Moore, BBC content director, described Noughts and Crosses as "Superb, high octane compulsive storytelling set within an alternative history that explores really relevant themes about race, privilege and how we treat each other".

Peaky Blinders actor Jack Rowan will star as Callum, while newcomer Masali Baduza plays Sephy. Paterson Joseph (Johnson from Peep Show) plays Sephy's father and Home Secretary Kamal Hadley.

Rapper Stormzy will also make a cameo as newspaper editor Kolawale - a role created for the series. "As a diehard fan of Malorie's novels, being a part of this important show is a dream come true," Stormzy said.

Helen Baxendale (Emily from Friends) and Ian Hart (Professor Quirrell from Harry Potter) will play Callum's parents Meggie and Ryan, while Josh Dylan (Young Bill from Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again) will play his older brother Jude.

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