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John Townsend

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After life as a secondary school teacher, John became a full-time children's writer in 2003 and has now published about 300 titles; from little books for little people, quick reads for reading schemes to plays, information books, novels and comic verse.

Many of John's books are designed to tempt even the most reluctant reader and to 'switch on the switched-off'. With all his visits to schools and libraries around the UK, John had been involved with literacy projects to engage children with reading and to make them dribble with excitement at the merest glimpse of a book!

As a fan of 'laugh and learn', John has written the 'Truly Foul Facts and Cheesy Jokes' series on a wide range of subjects - designed to make readers groan, chuckle and scream.

Learning through funny poems, rhymes and rhythms are all part of the mix in 'Tickling with Words' and 'Pickling with Words', with their stylish and wacky illustrations.

Some of John's information books are more like inFUNmation - with all sorts on the weird, wonderful and wacky. From amazing animals and scary science to hysterical history with just a dash of the stupendously serious, they cover a fair mix of subjects and the odd mystery thrown in. His scary stories and adventure tales have even been known to give nightmares... though mainly to teachers.

Best known titles

The Curse of the Speckled Monster Book One: Graverobbers and Gallows
Never Odd or Even
Crash Dive
Night of the Werewolf
The Secret Message
EDGE: Mad, Bad and Just Plain Dangerous: Victorians
EDGE: Mad, Bad and Just Plain Dangerous: World War II