The Turkey That Voted For Christmas

The Turkey That Voted For Christmas

The Turkey That Voted For Christmas
Madeleine Cook

Oxford University Press

ISBN 9780192765956

The animals of Pear Tree Farm love a vote - they'll vote for almost anything - but when it comes to Christmas the turkeys always vote 'No!' Only Timmy Turkey is different. He really wants to bring festive cheer to the farm. And how's he going to do it? Through a free and fair democratic electoral process, of course! An appealing, timely, and funny seasonal story, perfect for families preparing for Christmas.

Librarian's Book choice

This is a funny and clever picture book about turkeys, Christmas and democracy - will the turkeys vote for Christmas, or not?

The turkeys on Pear Tree Farm vote about everything - who bakes the best cakes, who is the best dancer etc - but when it comes to voting about Christmas, they always vote 'NO'. Until Timmy Turkey decides it's time for a change; he really wants to enjoy Christmas this year, so he starts to campaign for what he wants. But what will happen if he wins and the turkeys decide to celebrate Christmas? (Look out for the extra details of the sneaky farmer in the background!).

There are many insights within the story about creating a campaign and getting people on side with a campaign trail, banners and persuasion (although why the turkeys wouldn't want Christmas is never spelled out). There is some vocabulary that would need to be explained to children like 'election' and 'floating voter' - some of which will make adults chuckle - and we find out how Timmy manages to change one turkey's mind, which is enough to swing the vote in favour of Christmas.

It's a lovely Christmas message but one that also comes with an insight into how democracy works. This is also a debate that children could play out in the classroom, or which could be used around other subjects they might want to vote about, and they could have a lot of fun making their own posters and role playing the turkey's dilema.

Picture book / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by Emma Hall.