ISBN 9780857560599

Librarian's Book choice

The delightful sounding partnership of Heapy and Heap will, I hope, bring us many future picture books as entrancing as this debut together has turned out to be. Very little Red Riding Hood turns the familiar tale upside down because the Big Bad Wolf is greeted by our toddler heroine with delight as 'Foxie' and given a big hug! He is allowed to come to Grandmamma's but not allowed to pick the red flowers because, of course, red is her favourite colour and is definitely not allowed to touch the cakes!

Even Grandmamma is convinced that it is safe to allow Foxie in for a cuppatea and they all have a wonderful time until the genuinely Very little Red Riding Hood realises 'I don't know where is my Mummy' and nothing can stop the tears until the Wolf threatens with the familiar refrain and then the audience will be on the edge of their seats waiting for her to get eaten. But luckily this turns into a ferocious tickling which makes everyone laugh and laugh until they all fall into an exhausted sleep.

The language and mannerisms of a two year old are captured so perfectly by the words and pictures and the merging of the traditional tale with the first sleepover trauma is very cleverly done.

The typography and page design including the witty fairytale endpapers really do add to the storytelling. This is bound to become an oft-requested favourite and one that I cannot wait to read aloud.

Reviewed by Joy Court, Librarian