A Chase In Time

A Chase In Time

A Chase In Time
Sally Nicholls

Nosy Crow Ltd

ISBN 9780857638984

From multi-award-winning author Sally Nicholls, A Chase In Time is the first in a brilliant time-slip adventure series for 9+ readers, beautifully illustrated by Brett Hellquist. The old gilt-edged mirror has hung in Alex's aunt's house for as long as he can remember. Alex hardly notices it, until the day he and his sister are pulled through the mirror, back into 1912. It's the same house, but a very different place to live, and the people they meet need their help. Soon they're caught up in car chases and treasure hunts as they race to find a priceless golden cup - but will they ever be able to return to their own time?

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Alex Pilgrim and his sister Ruby are spending the summer at their Aunt Joanna's house (as they do every summer), but this is going to be their last summer, as the house is about to be sold. They love her big, old house which has been in the family for decades.

One day Alex looks into the antique hall mirror but doesn't see his own reflection, instead he sees two children in old-fashioned clothes, arguing over a bag of sweets. He calls to Ruby and, magically, they step through the mirror and find themselves back in 1912. The other children are another brother and sister called Henry and Doris, and they soon start an exciting adventure, chasing after stolen treasure, fighting fires and riding in a classic car.

A Chase in Time is a fast-paced time-slip adventure, full of fascinating details of how people lived in the past, as well as a bitter-sweet ending. Aimed at Key Stage 2, this is a great book for exploring life in the past and how it compares to life now (as seen through the eyes of Alex and Ruby), as well as providing a good discussion point - which time period would you rather live in and why? It is also a lovely book for simply reading aloud, as many chapters leave you desperate to know what happens next.

208 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Caroline Waldron


A Chase In Time4/5

A Chase In Time

Sally Nicholls


Brother and sister Alex and Ruby always spend two weeks of their holidays at Applecott House with Aunt Joanna, but this may be their last visit as the house is to be sold due to Joanna's financial problems. Then the two children magically fall through their aunt's antique mirror and find themselves back in 1912, where they become involved in the search for a valuable stolen treasure.

Past and present collide in this fast-paced adventure story. There is much to enjoy here, an interesting, well-plotted story with some clever characterisation. I particularly enjoyed the feisty females in the book, Ruby Pilgrim and Mary Flynn, who prove that girls can sort out a bully and solve a mystery as well as any boy!

The nature of the story involves the use of some archaic language and some historical references which may prove tricky for the younger reader, but this would be a great book to read to a class of nine year olds as an introduction to the First World War. Special mention must go to the illustrations by Brett Helquist, which perfectly complement the book.

The ending of the story is satisfying, with a clever twist linking the past to the present, leaving the way open for a sequel - this being the first book in a series. All in all, a very enjoyable read and I look forward to more of Jack and Ruby's adventures.

208 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Beverley Somerset, school librarian.

Reviewed by: Beverley Somerset