Here Be Monsters

Here Be Monsters

Here Be Monsters
Jonathan Emmett

Macmillan Children's Books

ISBN 9781447203155

Fearless pirate, Captain Cut-Throat, doesn't believe in monsters. When he and his dastardly crew set sail for a treasure island, they must first pass through THE MIST and as legend tells it, THERE BE MONSTERS IN THE MIST! But as the Captain says, monsters simply don't exist. But then who or what is gobbling up the Crew? A thrilling, swashbuckling, pirate adventure from the award-winning creators of THE PRINCESS AND THE PIG and THE SANTA TRAP.

Librarian's Book choice

Here be Monsters is another book by the successful partnership who created The Princess and the Pig. Here be Monsters story focuses on a group of pirates, who are all animals, lead by Captain Cut -Throat, a very unpleasant character. As the story says, 'He was the meanest mariner to sail the Seven Seas' and is wanted for many crimes as the reader is informed by the wanted poster at the beginning of the book.

Captain Cut -Throat is a typical pirate who loves treasure. He hears about an island full of Giant Gemstones and decides to sail there against the advice of the first mate, who says that monsters live in the mist near the island. Against this advice the captain sails forward to find the treasure. Of course the first mate is correct and as the ship nears the island out of the mist emerge monsters of all shapes, colours and sizes which the crew have to battle with.

All the crew are lost to the monsters and it is only Captain Cut-Throat who lands on the island, only to find that the vividly coloured Giant Gemstones, which cover the sandy beaches, are giant monster eggs!

Poly Bernatene's illustrations are wonderfully colourful and full of expression. They dominate each double page spread and will give children real pleasure in exploring them. The written text is rhyming which makes the book ideal to share with a Key Stage 1 class. This is a very good read aloud book which can also be left in the reading corner to be explored independently.

Picture book / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Fiona Collins, consultant