Sophie McKenzie

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ISBN 9781471122231

Get ready for a brand new edge-of-your-seat read from bestselling author Sophie McKenzie! When everyone thinks you're a liar, how hard will you fight for the truth? Carey and Amelia have been best friends forever. Then Amelia starts being trolled by SweetFreak, a mysterious and hateful online account, and Carey is accused of being behind the vicious comments and threats. Shut out by her other friends and shunned by Amelia, Carey is determined to clear her name and find out who's really sending the messages. But as the online attacks spill over into real life, events start spiralling out of control... Can Carey expose the real SweetFreak before it's too late? A gripping page-turner from the award-winning Sophie Mckenize, SweetFreak will keep you guessing until the very end... PRAISE FOR SOPHIE MCKENZIE: 'When it comes to YA thrillers, there's one name that defines the genre: Sophie McKenzie' Amy Alward, author of The Potion Diaries 'Sophie's thrillers are brilliant... You can't stop reading' Robert Muchamore, bestselling author

Librarian's Book choice

A cautionary tale for modern times; warning of the dangers of social media and the devastating effects of cyber bullying and questioning dangerous behaviours. The intended teen audience will love it, especially girls.

I liked the different perceptions the characters had of family life, and their importance within it as well as the value of friendship and family support. It is a good thriller with plenty of twists. It should spark some useful discussions about online behaviours and risky behaviour generally such as sneaking out at night to meet boyfriends, life on the street etc.

When SweetFreak sends a death threat to Carey's best friend Amelia, Carey's world falls apart. Carey needs to find the identity of the real SweetFreak to save herself, but her questionable decision-making skills lead to events spiralling out of control.
Keeps you guessing.

341 pages/age 13+/ Melanie Chadwick




Sophie McKenzie


This story follows Carey as she tries to prove her innocence over the accusation that she is 'SweetFreak'; an online bully who has sent death threats to her best friend, Amelia. Dramas abound - families are pushed to the limits, the police are involved and there are also a couple of love interests thrown in for good measure - what's not to like?! In a school setting, this book would be an ideal choice for a book club to discuss as it is totally relevant to today's teenagers. Despite the main characters being girls, it would definitely have a universal appeal. If I was aged between 12 and 15 I would absolutely love it and would happily spend time discussing it from the various characters' points of view. Having said that, it is worth noting that some of the characters - especially those introduced later on in the book - are quite cliched and for me they took away the edge from what was otherwise an incredibly fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat, rollercoaster of a read that kept me guessing right until the very end. 341 pages / Ages 12+ / Reviewed by Lucy Georgeson, school librarian.

Reviewed by: Lucy G