The Strongest Mum

The Strongest Mum

The Strongest Mum
Nicola Kent

Macmillan Children's Books

ISBN 9781509852321

My mum is the strongest mum in the world. Little Bear is sure that no-one is as strong as his mum. She can carry anything: his bike, Zebra's shopping, Elephant's carpet and even . . . Flamingo's piano! And of course, there's ALWAYS room in her handbag for Little Bear's treasures. But even mums can get tired and need a helping hand sometimes, as Little Bear learns when Mum takes on one thing too many, with hilarious and heart-warming consequences. The Strongest Mum is a warm, funny and original story about a parent-child relationship, perfect for learning about helping each other out. Packed full of endearing animal characters, it is sure to delight young children. Nicola Kent's bright, jewel-like colours and eye-catching illustrations make this a truly stunning picture book debut.

Librarian's Book choice

Feeling down today? In need of a pick me up, a bit of reassurance that we are doing our job right as parents? This little gem certainly did that for me! At first sight of this book I had thought it would be very similar to other stories I have read dedicated to family members, and that the plot/story line would not be enough for me. But I was so pleasantly surprised.

Little bear knows his mum is strong, super strong in fact! Mum is good at carrying all of little bear's treasures and little bear takes great delight in adding to mum's ever-growing bag of bear's special finds. Mum also finds the strength to carry little bear's bike when he's tired, lion's laundry, elephant's carpet and not to mention flamingo's piano. Eventually, though, little bear realises he's added a little too much to mum's load and although she is amazing, they both understand now that even the strongest mummies have their limits and deserve a little help sometimes.

The illustrations in this book are bright and colourful depicting endearing animal characters that children will enjoy. The story is true to life, making it relatable for the children. The aerial view of mum's bag is a treat for both adults and children alike and will make everyone smile and laugh, looking through all the items that manage to find their way in there.

An uplifting, funny read to share at home and at school to teach children the importance of helping and caring for others.

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Nikki Stiles, teacher.