We Catch the Bus

We Catch the Bus

We Catch the Bus
Katie Abey

Bloomsbury Children's Books

ISBN 9781526607195

Choose your favourite vehicle and LET'S GO! Join all the busy animals as they zoom around in every kind of vehicle you can imagine, vibrantly illustrated by the talented Katie Abey. Is that a cheeky monkey flying a plane? And did I see a llama riding a scooter? There's a whole pack of animals catching that bus.

All the animals are on the move in their favourite vehicles, zipping by in their own hilarious way. Travel across airports, race through city streets in fire engines and drive around building sites. Wherever you're going today ... tell us how it should be done!

We Catch the Bus invites children to choose their favourite vehicles and how they like to travel over 12 spreads, packed with animals driving cars, buses, diggers, spacecraft, bikes, ships, scooters and more.

With interactive speech bubbles and hilarious shout outs, this hilarious follow-up to We Wear Pants and We Eat Bananas is perfect for fans of You Choose and Just Imagine and kids who love to be on the move.

Librarian's Book choice

A book to share. Richard Scarry-like, this book exudes colour and action. On each double page spread are themed vehicles and every conceivable (plus a few inconceivable) animal.

So on the bus page, as you'd expect, a big red double decker bus, but also a book bus, a school bus, a football coach and of course a banana bus!

Animals crowd the buses, driving, eating, playing, reading but none sitting doing nothing. The truck pages has a big car transporter, a recycle truck, a tow truck and obviously a ball pool truck!

Just as the author/illustrator uses her imagination with types of vehicles and species of animals - unicorns and dinosaurs, land based sharks, crocodiles sharing space with raccoons - her imagination splashes colour from corner to corner. Bright orange and purple roads clash with shocking pink skies.

This is a book to savour with a child, to point out the intricate detail, to discuss whether you'd rather be in a camper van going to the seaside or a street cleaner powered by fairy dust (and driven by a pug wearing a tutu and crown). It is zany, vibrant, mad and compelling. Children will love it and adults reading with children will enjoy the chance to talk nonsense rather than read every word.

It's also a chance to spark the imagination if used in school as why should illustrations look like photos?

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Dawn Woods, school librarian


We Catch the Bus3/5

We Catch the Bus

Katie Abey


This book features many different animals in many different vehicles and asks you which one you would like to catch?

With no linear story, each page asks the reader questions through speech bubbles. This is a great prompt for encouraging discussion with children and could be a great resource for using in school or nursery settings to develop communication/speech and language skills.

This is a good book for busy minds, or children with fantastic imaginations who could imagine themselves in each of the vehicles.

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reveiwed by Lizi Backhouse, teacher

Reviewed by: Lizi Backhouse