Field Trip to the Moon

Field Trip to the Moon

Field Trip to the Moon
Jeanne Willis, illus John Hare

Macmillan Children's Books

ISBN 9781529010626

Get ready for blast-off on an adventure to the moon! With stunning original artwork by John Hare and charming text by bestselling and award-winning author Jeanne Willis, Field Trip to the Moon is a wonderfully witty story about exploration, creativity and making friends in the most unlikely places. It's not every day you find yourself on a field trip to the moon, let alone stranded in outer space! But for one student that's exactly what happens when her curiosity separates her from the rest of her class. Why wouldn't you take the opportunity to get your crayons out, look back and draw planet Earth? Alone on the moon, she sits down to draw. But could there be an even bigger surprise when she realises she's not alone? What would someone that lived on the moon even look like? Be prepared to find out what happens when you reach out to those that are different from us and greet them with an open pack of crayons!

Librarian's Book choice

Ever wanted to go on a school trip to space? In Field Trip to the Moon, that is possible! This is the sweet story of a young girl and her love for drawing on the moon. When trouble strikes and she is left on the moon she makes friends with some very friendly and unsuspecting aliens.

I really loved the illustrations by John Hare. How everything is in black, white or grey and as the crayons are used everything becomes colourful. The detail in the pictures are beautiful and bring the story alive.

This is a lovely tale of friendship and kindness and how the simple of act of drawing bring people and aliens together. I like the accuracy of the teacher in the story - very funny! It is charming and creative and would be great in the classroom for a space topic or PSHE lesson based on friendship and kindness.

48 Pages / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Lauren Maidman / Class Teacher