The Great Big Green Book

The Great Big Green Book

The Great Big Green Book
Mary Hoffman

Frances Lincoln Childrens Books

ISBN 9781786030955

" Think of the future. Can you imagine our planet as beautiful as it used to be? You could be the one to help make it beautiful again, with the things you do and the ideas you have. Your planet needs YOU!" From a simple introduction to our home in Space, the authors explain what we need for life on Earth, and show the importance of the rainforests and the oceans; they stress the need to look after our planet and show how some of the things we take for granted are running out, and how we have polluted so much our planet. The action plans include saving water, saving energy, recycling, repairing, growing seasonal food, cooking fresh food, saving on packing, asking questions... and thinking of new inventions and big ideas.

Librarian's Book choice

The Big Green Book - now available in paperback - is filled with useful facts for young brains! It has brilliant information which is presented in a child friendly way, as if other children are telling a story about our world. On many pages, characters (people and animals) have speech bubbles with extra information too. The facts are also written in child friendly language, without long, unfriendly words to keep defining for them as you read.

Each double page spread covers a different topic related to the world we live in including air pollution, climate change, animals, the oceans and recycling. It would be a great book to use to introduce any of these related topics to a class or year group, or it could be incorporated into assemblies/sessions for events such as World Ocean Day.

Each section is filled with colourful illustrations which help to further explain the text in a visual way. There are also some useful websites for children to explore at the back of the book with a glossary of related topic words too.

It ends with an important message - our planet needs each and every one of us to start taking care of it properly!

34 pages / Ages 7+ / Reviewed by Lucy Newton, teacher