ISBN 0744594138

A feminist version of Sleeping Beauty told with a wonderful sense of humour and illustrated by one of the best children’s book illustrators.

ISBN 0711206996

Grace battles against being stereotyped in order to become the star of the school play. Positive messages for all children, especially those who, like Grace, have an imagination packed with every story she has ever heard or read.

ISBN 1870516133

Dave has lost just one tooth; Grandpa removes all of his every night. So when Dave loses his tooth before the Tooth Fairy has been, it makes sense to borrow Grandpa’s.

ISBN 1856562255

This poignant tale of childhood loss is beautifully written and illustrated by Shirley Hughes. Dogger is a classic, very moving in places and yet filled with humour; a delight to read aloud.

ISBN 1903015251

Waldo the ogre is in love the beautiful Princess Clarissa, whose picture he had seen in a magazine. Will Waldo realise how fruitless his devotion is? Heavy Hetty, his next-door neighbour, hopes so.

ISBN 0006640621

Mog the pet cat is a popular character and the stories have been great favourites for many years. The whole series are worth reading, even the very sad Goodbye, Mog.

ISBN 0141314508

The hugely popular stories about Miss Cackle’s Academy for young witches continue to be a delight to read aloud.

ISBN 014030312X

The title says it all. The stories describe the wolf’s cunning plans and how Polly outwits him. Great fun for readers and listeners.

ISBN 1405204176

After a notice-board falls on him, Stanley Lambchop is only half an inch thick. This leads to him having some unusual experiences which he enjoys. But will he ever get back to normal?

ISBN 0007174160

Paddington travels all the way from Darkest Peru with only a jar of marmalade, a suitcase and his hat. The Brown family adopt him and discover what an interesting bear he is.