KS1 covers a huge range of ages and abilities for children learning to read so here, we include picture books that can be read aloud as well as used across the curriculum, as well as non-fiction and fiction suitable for children aged 7+.

Jonny Duddle

Templar Publishing

ISBN 9781848771635

Gigantosaurus is a mixed genre book as it a story based on the traditional tale of The Boy who cried Wolf and includes factual information about dinosaurs. The story focuses on four young dinosaurs who are warned to be aware of the terrible Gigantosaurus. The four are playing in the forest, away from their parents, and one of them, Bonehead, volunteers to be lookout for the Gigantosaurus. He, however, plays tricks on his three friends by telling them that the monster is coming when it is only a Triceratops, a Dipodocus and a Stegosaurus who are all, slightly ironically, friendly towards the friends. Suddenly Bonehead is caught out, he sees the Gigantosaurus and urgently warns his friends of the danger but they don't believe him as he has repeatedly lied to them and they leave him alone. Bonehead is petrified; the monster makes terrible noises as it approaches. Hearing the noises his friends rush back to save their friend who fortunately has not been eaten and apologises to them for his lies. The story ends with a clever little twist to keep the reader thinking. The layout, language and illustrations in this amusing picturebook will engage young readers in the reading of the story. The illustrations of the young dinosaurs bring the characters to life and their facial expressions are a delight. The adult dinosaurs are also represented quite realistically for children to understand the differences between them. The language is repetitive and at times rhyming which will encourage children to join in the reading. The use of text in different sizes and fonts also adds to the narrative. This is a story that will read allow well and also engage individual readers, particularly boys, to explore the book independently. Reviewed by Fiona Collins, educational consultant

Itch Scritch Scratch
Eleanor Updale

Barrington Stoke Ltd

ISBN 9781781122945

Itch Scritch Scratch - a story about nits! - is one of a new Red Squirrel series of picture books published by Barrington Stoke that are aimed at supporting dyslexic parents in reading to their children. The text is written in a dyslexia-friendly font and with an appropriate lay-out. This story explains what happens if you get nits, with some rather cool-looking nits who are determined to stay put. The rhyming text is great fun and the illustrations are very jolly, although the story might have you and your listeners having a good scratch.... All I Said Was by Michael Morpurgo is another of these new titles from Barrington Stoke.

Itch Scritch Scratch
Sarah Bee, Satoshi Kitamura

ISBN 9781849397100

If ever a text deserved to be illustrated by the unique style of Kitamura, this is it! What a perfect marriage of image, words, design and layout, which combine to convey this empowering message of self belief, the power of positive thinking and the endless possibilities of life. This is another book that will inspire young philosophers to discussion and will be very useful to support PSHE lessons and any teachers who want their pupils to try new challenges. The playful use of language makes it a story which is a delight to read aloud and the interplay with the emotive artwork repays endless re-readings. The 'great big orange thing' which is the Yes, leaves his comfy nest because he had a 'Where to go'. So he 'trundles out to see', a phrase which is highlighted against a vivid blue background just to emphasise the pun! The Where is an 'endless place of Nos' They swarm and flock and try to stop the Yes doing anything. They are brilliantly depicted in Miro-esque black squiggles. This is a joyful book which could even prompt class discussion about personification as well as being a veritable masterclass in visual literacy. Reviewed by Joy Court, librarian

The Power of Sloth
Lucy Cooke

Franklin Watts Ltd

ISBN 9781445127903

For those exploring the Rainforest or setting up topics about unusual animals, The Power of Sloth is a heart-warming look at what the sloth is all about. Its author, Lucy Cooke, is a filmmaker and explorer who filmed 'Meet the Sloths' for Animal Planet before she went on to create this book about sloths. The creatures in these pages all live in the world's only Sloth Orphanage in Costa Rica and, as well as sharing some very cute pictures of baby sloths, we learn a number of facts about sloths including what they eat and how they get around. With Lucy Cooke now signed up for a new television series, expect sloths to take over from meercats as our favourite exotic animal! Ages 5+ / 52 Pages / Reviewed by ReadingZone

The Power of Sloth
My Little Book of Lifecycles
Camilla de la Bedoyere

QED Publishing

ISBN 9781781715543

What a wonderful find this 'My Little Book Of...' series is from publisher QED. In this book, My Little Book of Life Cycles, we find out about the life cycles of a number of creatures through clear, simple text and best of all, some fabulous photography that takes you step by step from birth to adulthood. The life cycles included are the ones you would expect and want - frogs, butterflies and chickens but we also explore the changes undergone by sea horses, sharks and kangaroos. The close-up photographic details such as the embryonic shark inside an egg case and tiny sea horses (called 'fry') hanging on to plants by their tails is incredible. There is lots of information here to support topic-based learning for children aged 5+, but the book will also make a great addition to class libraries to upper KS2. A companion book, My Little Book of Animals, by the same author Camilla de la Bedoyere, dedicates a spread to each animal in a range of habitats - grassland, desert, cold places, ocean and forest. And if you have some dinosaur fans, look out for My Little Book of Dinosaurs with vivid computer-generated images. 64 pages / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by ReadingZone

My Little Book of Lifecycles
My Funny Family's Got Talent
Chris Higgins

Hodder Children's Books

ISBN 9781444918403

Mattie is part of a large and chaotic family, where money is in short supply but love and affection certainly is not. This story continues the ups and downs of daily life with Mattie deciding to organise a 'Royal Variety Performance' for her mum's birthday. As she goes about recruiting acts and trying to find a venue, the whole community end up getting involved while still managing to keep it a secret from Mattie's mum. Full of warmth and humour, this is a comforting tale, and is refreshing in its portrayal of a well-functioning extended family, who may not be perfect but strongly bound together by ties of family and affection. Black and white illustrations are dotted throughout, adding humour and interest, and the font and layout make it easily accessible for younger readers. 136 pages / For ages 7+ / Reviewed by Lucy Russell, Teacher

My Funny Family's Got Talent