Michael Morpurgo Month

A month of Michael Morpurgo activities is available via the author's website to help introduce children to his books, including worksheets, storytelling challenges and extracts.

Developed by publisher Harper Collins Publishers has curated his stories into specially chosen themes, Tales of the Sea, Animal Adventures, Times of War and Timeless Tales.

Michael Morpurgo is one of the UK's best-loved storytellers, who has written over 150 books including Kensuke's Kingdom, The Butterfly Lion, Adolphus Tips, War Horse and Private Peaceful and his latest book, Boy Giant: Son of Gulliver.

The website launched this month, February, with teacher and library resources, videos and audio clips, along with four gorgeous new posters featuring best-loved characters and images from the books.

Visit the website via the link, below, to find out how to get involved.

Michael Morpurgo Month 2020 themes and titles:

Tales of the Sea:
Boy Giant: Son of Gulliver, Alone on a Wide Wide Sea, Listen to the Moon, Kensuke’s Kingdom

Times of War:
Medal for Leroy, An Eagle in the Snow, Flamingo Boy, Private Peaceful.

Timeless Tales:
Toto: The Wizard of Oz as told by the dog, Pinocchio, Sparrow, The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Animal Adventures:
Mudpuddle Farm, The Butterlfy Lion, Born to Run, The Fox and the Ghost King

12/02/2020Michael Morpurgo Month

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