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More of Me4/5

More of Me

Kathryn Evans


'More of Me' is a gripping thriller. It opens with the description of a new being bursting out of another person and becoming her. But this is not some fantasy set in outer space; this is happening her in Britain and now. Teva is the new being and she is the latest in a long line of Tevas that all live with their mother in the same house. Things are different now; there is tension between this Teva and her predecessor. There are friends who don't notice the change and a boyfriend that is not so sure. The strange thing is that they are all the same person but each time they regenerate, they're slightly different and those that are left behind stay the same age. This is a tense psychological thriller and as you read through it, you are caught up in Teva's internal struggle with what is happening and what it all means. For most of the book you are wondering what is real and what is not. Is this a weird fantasy or is Teva suffering from a rare psychological condition? Why does her mother not seem to notice what is going in on and why is her father such a secret? Personally, I was disappointed by the ending but I think the target audience will love it. There a lot of questions just lurking around the corner from this book's happy conclusion that I would love the author to explore. A weird and very readable thriller. 332 pages / Ages 13+ / Reviewed by Caroline Downie, librarian

Reviewed by: Caroline Downie