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Optical Illusions4/5

Optical Illusions

Gianni Sarcone


Most kids and many adults find optical illusions fascinating. There are many books available on the subject but this one is a bit special. Firstly, there is the amazing front cover, complete with moving images and striking effects. Secondly this book really explains how the illusions work and why, adding some real science into the mix.

The book begins with an explanation about how you see and how your eyes work. It also explains why optical illusions work, Then the other pages show different optical illusions and explain each one in clear and easy to understand ways. Whilst I've seen some of these illusions before, many of them I hadn't.

The book then moves on to some experiments to try out illusions for yourself, which is another way in which it differs from the average illusion book. Each experiment is clearly written and children would be able to follow them quite easily. I tested this book out on my son, who at nine years old is the target age range. He absolutely loved it, exclaiming that the pages were cool and so interesting. He then proceeded to tell me in enormous detail which of the experiments he wanted to try out and what he would need to do them. His view, and I agree with him, is that this book is most suitable for 8-12 age range, as the reading would be fairly demanding for a younger child, as would the instructions.

This book would make a lovely gift for a curious child or would be nice to have in a classroom, though I'm not sure the amazing cover would withstand the rigours of thirty children!

96 pages / Ages 8-12 years / Reviewed by Jacqueline Harris, teacher.

Reviewed by: Jacqueline Harris

Optical Illusions3/5

Optical Illusions

Gianni Sarcone


95 colour pages packed with optical illusions and practical activities to create your own illusions. This will make an excellent Christmas present and provide plenty of amusement over the holiday period. However I did find some of the illusions a little repetitive, and I know that many people with ready access to the internet and social media will have seen most of them plenty of times before.

The way you can prove the activities for yourself is satisfying, and the science is interesting. I found the illusions with some kind of practical application most interesting, for example the mapmaker illusion/spreading colour effect used by early cartographers.

I'd recommend this as gift for 10 to 90yr olds, especially for those who are less likely to come across such illusions on the internet!

96 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Wendy Lomas, teacher.

Reviewed by: Wendy Lomas