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Stupendous Science4/5

Stupendous Science

Rob Beattie


The sub-title of this book is '70 super cool experiments you can do at home' and after reading through, I would for the most part agree. The trouble I had was actually making myself read and use the book and get over my aversion to the illustrations! There isn't a single photograph amongst the 96 colour pages, and there's a lot of reading to do to make sense of the diagrams. However, it really is worth the effort and is definitely a good value book.

A few experiments are very simple and will be familiar, others seem original and ingenious, and the remainder are interesting takes on principles that may be familiar when pointed out, but are often hard to explain. I really liked the twirly bird helicopter spinner, and the air-powered crane amongst others.

To have 70 experiments packed into one book makes this a fantastic addition to any home, school or library and as such has something of interest to all ages. You need to be a competent reader to use the book yourself, but the experiments are certainly of interest to all.

96 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Wendy Lomas, teacher.

Reviewed by: Wendy Lomas