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Hide and Seek4/5

Hide and Seek

Anthony Browne


With their dog, Goldie, missing, Poppy and Cy are unhappy. To cheer themselves up, they head into the woods to play hide-and-seek. Cy hides and as Poppy looks for him, what else might she find?

In Anthony Browne's 50th picture book, the reader is drawn into a game of hide and seek. Each spread contains things to be found - in the shadows, in the trees... Some things are easy to find, but some offer plenty of challenge, making it a great book to share and to return to again and again.

A sense of foreboding is built through the story - the trees become taller, closer and darker, the carpet of leaves almost lava-like with a hint of a witch's hat at the edge until the joyful ending spreads warmth and light glowing across the pages.

Sure to become a family favourite!

32 pages / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Sue Wilsher, teacher.

Reviewed by: Sue Wilsher