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10 Reasons to Love An... Elephant5/5

10 Reasons to Love An... Elephant

Catherine Barr


These books, which include 10 reasons to love an elephant (or a turtle in the sister title), are the most lovely non-fiction books I have read recently. The pictures are beautifully and carefully drawn. The books give children 10 reasons why each animal is amazing, and five things they can do to support its conservation.

Each picture has a little extra message which lends itself to discussion about conservation. For example, there is a picture of jelly fish where a turtle is happily munching but included in the image is a plastic bag, which is then highlighted as a danger to them. An image of elephants gliding through a farmer's fields in Asia is used to show how the animals and humans have to work to survive together.

The 10 reasons are easy to read and understand even for young children and will prompt lots of discussions among older children. I am looking forward to sharing these lovely books with my class.

24 sturdy pages / Ages 4-8 years / Reviewed by Lynnette Voisey, teacher.

Reviewed by: Lynnette Voisey