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Look for Ladybird in Plant City4/5

Look for Ladybird in Plant City

Katherina Manolessou


Daisy Rabbit's cheeky pet ladybird has gone missing and when a ladybird goes missing in Plant City there's only one person who can help, Basil the detective! Ladybird loves playing hide and seek. So, armed with magnifying glasses and binoculars, Daisy and Basil set off to look for her. The search takes Daisy and Basil around Plant City to Big Bones primary school, the train station and even the museum. Along the way, whilst looking for Daisy's ladybird, there are also opportunities to look for lots of other incredible animals doing amazing things - an upside-down rhino, and elephant blowing bubbles and a hippo eating ice cream, to name just a few.

Plant City is wonderfully colourful and there are so many delightful inhabitants. There are so many things to find, count and talk about on each page. The naughty ladybird is hiding on each page, along with someone sleeping, someone crying, five little grey mice and five bees. For those really frustratingly difficult to find characters, there is an answer guide at the back of the book. Share this book with a friend and identify different things for each other to find in each location. Will you find the mouse with the milkshake at the funfair, the possums having a picnic in the leafy restaurant and the rocking warthog at the Cave Concert?

This is an enchanting 'look and find' puzzle book by author and illustrator Katherina Manolessou. Puzzle books such as these are a great way to develop early literacy skills and make the perfect books to share. Katherina's vibrant and action-filled illustrations are full of character. This is a wonderful book to treasure and enjoy again and again, with so many things to find you won't tire of looking at each beautiful double page spread.

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Emily Beale, school librarian.

Reviewed by: Emily Beale